How the internet can help your business in ghana

The internet is 30 years old! Uraa!

The internet has been one of the most innovative inventions in the last century that has had immerse impact on the way we learn, communicate, and even find love. Like any other tool, it has also found its way into both good and bad hands. Its use has toppled governments, won elections and made heroes out of chimps and babies.

However, with all its quirks, challenges and privacy issues, the internet is undeniably an essential tool in the toolbox of any business or organization. You cannot run your business successfully in Ghana without the internet. Embracing the opportunities the internet gives in your business can reduce costs, improve productivity and increase revenue. It can also position your business to better compete against the giants in your industry.

So, how can the internet help your small business in Ghana?

The internet can help resolve one the biggest challenges most startups and small businesses encounter — marketing.

No matter how innovative and important your services or products are, without paying clients your business will dry up in no time. Businesses need to attract new clients and keep old ones happy. The internet provides cost-effective tools such as social media, websites, targeted ads, live chats, content marketing and vlogs to help your brand reach potential customers from all over world.

The internet can help resolve one the biggest challenges most startups and small businesses encounter — marketing.

Most clients that approach me usually think that marketing is all about promotions. Marketing is more than that. The real power of the internet as a tool for marketing is not limited to promotions. Its super powers come to bare when asked to help develop and implement your marketing 4Ps.

The concept of 4P’s or 7P’s is one that is taught in marketing classes in business schools. The 4P’s is basically a framework for marketing decision-making. The 4P’s are a marketing mix of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. They are the pillars of every marketing strategy. The idea is that marketing begins right from the product, its price, the place where items or services and be purchased and finally promotions.

The internet can help your business in product development and testing, price determination, placement, targeting and promotions.

The internet can help fine tune your product by offering a platform to allow testers scrutinize your products and offer valuable feedback before launching. It can turn your local business into a national or global brand. My business sits somewhere in Accra but I do have leads coming outside of Accra and beyond.

The potential the internet offers is enormous and I believe your business can reach the next level by embracing it. I do understand you didn’t enter into business to become an Internet services consultant. So, talk to us so that we can help you unlock the power of the internet to drive your business.

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