3 reasons why your business needs a website

It’s 2019 and most Ghanaian small and medium businesses I interact with in Accra have no websites or online presence strategy at all. This is unbelievable!

Well, I have social media pages, why spend money on a website?

Running a successful business is becoming more and more complex for the modern day entrepreneur. Attracting and maintaining clients has become a constantly evolving game and only those who dedicate time and resources to planning, research, and evaluating their marketing strategies can truly compete and win.

There are a ton of reasons why your Ghanaian business needs a website and a comprehensive online presence strategy in 2019 but I’m going to elicit only three.

1. Wider Reach

Your products, your services, your non-profit projects are currently being Googled from all over the world. People are searching for solutions. Clients want to find you! Why limit your reach to foot traffic, word-of-mouth, political connections and social media?

People are also searching for local and nearby products and services. Having a business website and an online presence strategy extends the reach of your business while cementing your local presence at the same time.

2. Tell Your Story

With huge billboards, and ads constantly spewed in our direction, some of us are becoming allergic to ads. Some folks have installed ad-blockers or perfected the act of flipping through channels during commercial breaks.

There’s one thing that still remains effective, and that is storytelling. Our brains are hardwired for stories. Just ask how many people are hooked on to telenovelas. It’s the storytelling.

A website together with a well-planned online presence strategy will create a platform to tell your unique story to your audience. You’ll have the opportunity to inform, educate, entertain and interact with your clients.

Your ideas, products and services become the heroes of your story. There’s are so many “buy me, buy me” adverts out there, tell your clients a great story and they’ll come buying.

3. Sell Your Story

Collect potential leads, accept orders, raise funds, receive payments, send receipts, confirm delivery addresses and costs anytime. A website can be a 24/7 shop cataloging your products and services. Clients can hop in at midnight and order, make payments and have their questions answered by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant while you snore away or battle with mosquitoes.

A website for your business in Ghana can be your best salesperson — always ready to pitch, always ready to convert potential clients into paying ones.

Reach a wider audience, tell your unique story and sell your story.

These are some of the reasons why you need to get your Ghanaian business online in 2019. If you’re wondering how to achieve this, just talk to us. We won’t bother you with development jargon and complicated pricing.

Starting from just 50ghs monthly your business too can get online. You can reach us directly on Whatsup +233-27-071-0178.